Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review : Real Techniques Blush Brush

Let me introuduce you to my other very favorite brush :

At first though, i don't think i would ever like it. Oh please, it has weird shape (too fluffy, looks like bunny's tail!) and too big. Really?

 Real Techniques Blush Brush
Currently unavailable in Indonesian Store. Online shop is your best bet to get it :)

Came in pink handle, means it supposed to be use in finishing step. The bottom is flat so it can stand by it's own. My only complain for it's appearance is rubbery bottom that's going to melt in several months. I don't know, maybe it's the weather or what, but mine is slightly melt just like Nars's packaging.
Considering the price, i think i need some back up. Well, in my opinion, Real Techniques isn't cheap (compared to local made brush) but it has good quality and still cheaper than Sigma.

back box
I definately not agree with it. The shape and the size wouldn't work for contouring in my face. I usually use it as blush brush for ultra pigmented blush (think of the balm instains and sleek blush by 3) and for finishing powder (work amazing for Guerlain Meteorites Pearls).

The latest function i found through Paris B's Blog (the exact post is HERE). I was struggling to find a good brush for Guerlain but won't to spend a lot (Meteorites itself is a high investation) so this blush brush is a lovely answer!

the bunny tail ^_____^
 Sure the size is big, but by using the brush slightly more flat, you can easily control blush movement while it help to blend the ultra-pigmented blush.

While using it as finishing powder brush, it's no brainer. Right amount picked and it feels so soft..

This brush is a staple in my make up land, in fact, i brought it while travelling and use for both blush and powder. Easy ~

If you have any suggestion for using this little bunny tail for another make up related function, let me know!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Body Shop Body Polish : Cranberry Joy, Vanilla Bliss and Ginger Sparkle

Well, during The Body Shop sale all over the year, i've succesfully collecting their Christmas' Limited Edition Body Polish and mini body butter. You know how i love their body polish, especially strawberry one. But you might also know, they're not cheap. I feel so lucky finding these limited edition with fraction of price!

The first one i bought, cranberry joy, is on "buy one get 50% off on second product". The other two was on discounted price at about IDR 89,000 each! And all of them expired at 2016. No question, i did stocked them.

Here's some of my collection :
woo hoo, 2 of eah body polish and 1 of each mini body butter
 But today, i would only review the body polishes. They haven't back in store yet, but suppose to be soon. I think it's better to review them in one post since i don't have much more to say beside their diffences one to another :)

Ginger Sparkle, Vanilla Bliss and Cranberry Joy
My reason to splurge on their Body Polish is because it's easiness to use, effectiveness, lovely scent and even it's not cheap, i found that i need barely 5 months to finish 1 full size tube. I use it once a day. So yes, i will continue using this.

If you're the curious-about-ingredient type of person, here's the ingredient list for you. Click to get bigger image.

cranberry joy

vanilla bliss

ginger sparkle
All of them basically has the same main ingredient. The difference are in fragrance, the seeds and oil. Cranberry Joy has cranberry seed, kiwi seed and cranberry fruit extract. Vanilla Bliss has kiwi seed, vanilla fruit extract and something that makes it more moisturizing. Ginger Sparkle has ginger root powder, luffa cylindrica and ginger root oil and soybean oil. Ginger sparkle is the only one who doesn't has seed.

All of them will leave you with low to no dry skin because of honey in ingredient. But still, on some days you need extra moisturizer after polishing.

The difference shown in picture below :

Being the first one i've tried after Strawberry Body Polish (reviewed here), it's feels disappointing at first. In my opinion, cranberry smell is far less pleasant than strawberry. And the effectiveness is lower too. After several usage, i get the point and start loving it too. Even of course, i still like strawberry's scent better.
The consistency is very much alike strawberry one, gel with seeds and walnut shell powder. Very convenient and lovely to use.
My Rating : 3.8/5

As far as i know, it's the only creamy body polish from Body Shop. The consistency is creamy with seeds and walnut shell powder too. I think this one is the best to use in dry weather, because even after shower, i can still feel the moisturizing effect.
Talking about scent, you might know that i love vanilla (see the blog title, LOL) and this one has medium-sweet vanilla that is subtle, but sometimes i can smell it even an hour after shower (without vanilla bliss body butter).
My Rating : 4.5/5 in normal-hot days and 5/5 in cold days

I think i would never ever love this, but obviously, it's another pleasure. The scent is warm, gingerly scent which made me think about being in warm kitchen with gingerbread in jar while cold outside.
The texture is gel, with no seed but ginger root powder and walnut shell powder. But don't think it's not effective, it's really good to clean your dead skin!
My Rating : 4/5

Well, i think i've touch every aspect here, but if you still have something to ask, don't ever hesitate to leave a comment! ^^~

Thanks for Reading, hope you enjoy it :)
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